Jacky’s Thoughts on Character Bios

I thought that the character bios was a useful way of having people think outside their current situation. By giving them a specific characteristic, they were able to envision themselves as the character and think not only for themselves but for others as well. For example, during one of our workshops, we decided to give a person a different persona by telling them to assume the identity of someone who; no offence, was very old and needs to ride a wheelchair. Although the actual person was nothing like that, he was able to suggest ideas that were beneficial to this type of character, such as a smaller parking lot. He says that With a smaller parking lot, there would be fewer cars, and with that, a reduced chance of an accident for those like his character, who rides wheelchairs. By using such a strategy, we were able to come up with plans and ideas that doesn’t just benefit one person, but a whole lot of people of varying circumstances instead.
Although this was a useful tactic, most people didn’t take it too seriously. Aside from a couple of people who actually assumed their other identity, most people still put themselves as the biggest priority. And once again, there were still some who didn’t participate much unfortunately.


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