David’s Neighborhood Observation

Date: July 26,2008  Time: 2:07pm  Duration: 1 hour – 1 hour and a half

Observation Notes:

-I am sitting on a bench inside the Peter’s Park.

-Peter’s Park is a park in South End.

– Many kids ages 7-12 playing with the swings and the strange but unique spider-web -like structure. Kids running around making a lot of noise, saying whose turn is it to be “it.” Playground is major area of the activities for kids.

– A lot more kids ages 13-17 at the basketball courts. four basketball courts with 5-6 kids at each basket. Dribbling, passing, and shooting then a break probably every 20 minutes. Lots of water bottles, gatorade, and other energy drinks. Basketball courts the active/athletic place for the teens.

– Tennis Court and Dog Park with many adults ages 20- mid 40s. Two players in the court while four other players hit against a wall. The dog park has about four-five people playing catch with their dog and basically let them run wild.

Physical Setting:

Playground in the front with basketball court, tennis court, and dog park in the back.

(Basketball Court)        (Tennis Court)                     (Dog Park)


Looks something like that. Imagine!


The kids in the playground seem to come from a summer program. They get along well, playing tag with one another while the councilors sit and relaxes. Swings and the unique spider-web-like structure are the other thing the kids seem to be using.

The teens in the basketball is simply playing basketball. Interacting with one another by screaming “Get the ball!” or “Shoot It!”

The tennis players are speaking only if one scores and if one gets too sweaty and needs a break.

Dog owners talk to one another but things I do not know.

In this public space it seems like there is something for different age group and that group only interact with one another.


Did not have much difficulties but that it was a hot day and it was somewhat noisy.


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