David’s IDEA interview

Person 1: A short 16 year-old teenager


-Basketball Court        -Lots of trees and benches         – Waterfall        Light Statues

-Tennis Court       -Chess tables    -Jungle Gym, swings, and slides

Overall Wants:


– Playing and calm area

Person 2: Short elder woman around the age 60 to 70.


– Many benches     – Waterway      -Light Statues      – Pathway of trees

– Quiet area     – Pond/Waterfall

Overall Wants:

– Calm/Quiet/Soothing area

Person 3: Adult, mid 20-30, Woman


-Lots of flower    – Tennis Court    – Greenhouse   – Dog Field   – Open Field

– Regular park equipments (swings, slides, jungle gym)

Overall Wants:

– Beauty of area

– Active and Athletics


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