Anwar’s Idea Interview






Assignment: Interview 3 different people from 3 different demographic backgrounds (ie. A teenager, a parent, an elder) in North Allston, asking them “What do you want from the Allston Library Park?”

You may need to explain the park development project to them.


Objective: The learning objective of this exercise to imagine what’s good for the community by listening to others and by distancing yourself from our own desires.



Person I.

Describe who they are:

Caucasian Women – Age 25/ Resides in the Allston Brighton Area

Answer to the question:

         Quiet Place

         Tennis Court

         Basketball Court

         Dog Park because I own 2 dogs, there is no Local dog park around.

         Skate park – my younger brother likes to skate board, and the one he goes to is all the way in Waltham. I think that’s too far for him to be traveling.

         Sprinkler set – the ones that shoot up from the ground, children and dogs will like it.

         A nice jogging area because I know that I like to jog. That’s a hobby of mine.


Person II.

Describe who they are:

African American Male – Age 30/ Resides In The Allston Brighton Area

Answer to the question:

         Honestly the thing that I really want is a Basketball court. I love to play basketball with my son. And the best thing about it is I live one street away. And also a little kids park because I have a 5 year old son and he loves to play.


Person III.

Describe who they are:

12 year old boy – Puerto Rican

Answer to the question:

         Jungle Gym


         Basketball Court

         Monkey Bars


         Teeter Totter



         4 Square Playing Area


         A place for him and his dog to play / Dog Park

         Hop Scotch

         Small Store / Candy, Snacks, Drinks

         Water Fountain


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