Anwar’s Final Thought’s!

What do you think happened to the people had the characters that biased themselves? What was useful about it, how did they react about it? What did that add about the process?

What I think happened to the people that had the characters that biased themselves was they took their role play extremely serious. Instead of them expanding their mind and saying what they would like, or what was really necessary they said what their character would need and how it would be useful for him/her.

The way they reacted about it was kind of like a quick tease. At first they were giving off ideas that they thought were necessary, but once they got the character bios, they used that to give off ideas instead of their own. They acted as if they were in the situation that their character was in. so it was easier for them to give off their ideas.

Honestly I don’t think that it added anything about the process, because as they were told in the meetings just because you say you want something doesn’t mean that you’re going to see it in the actual park. All that really is wanted in the park is quiet space and trees. So I really don’t think that It added anything about the process.


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