Anwar’s Comments

Describe what happened throughout the two workshops.


The computer lagg was extremely bad, it was kind of embarrassing by us going nuts and trying to fix it. What happened throughout the two workshops was pretty intriguing. People were participating and had many comments and thoughts on what they would like for a little community park of theirs. I think by them actually getting hands on with second life their selves it helped a lot. And by them giving off their ideas in what they would like in a community park helps both parts, ours and theirs.  





What do you think worked well? Why was it important?


I think everything worked well because all the visitors left the ed portal with smiles on their faces now knowing that what they said probably has a chance to end up being created. Like for example many people were saying that they wanted a skate park because there is no local skate park around the Allston, Brighton area. And honestly that is beneficial to the local residents because there are a lot of teens that skate board in the Allston, Brighton area.

It’s important to get the residents word in when your creating something because if you don’t get their word in then they’ll feel left out and usually when your doing a big project in a local community you should have them participate in it.





Other ways you think it could be fixed?


I think that what really needs to be fixed is the internet lag. We cant try to fix every computer every time we have a community meeting. Its embarrassing and quite frustrating whenever you have to keep running around and trying to fix each computer that keeps loosing its connection.


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