Anwar ~ Real World Vs. Virtural World

The problem in my community is the park we have for our community is pointless. There are things that the children don’t even use. The children of the community asked for a new basketball court something that would be used daily. What did the management do they painted it. Why paint it if you still have bad hoops, with no nets.

What has been done to help it? Absolutely nothing, where I live they don’t care about the kids they care about the elders in the community and the management getting their rent every first of the month.

What hasn’t been done to help it? They haven’t done anything in the past 5 years that the children have been asking for a new basketball court.

Who does it affect? It affects the youth of the community, and also the elders of the community because if there looking for peace and quiet there not going to get it. What they should do is have the youth of the community come together and agree on something tat everyone could use to keep them out of the streets and keep them from disturbing the neighbors.


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