Agenda 7.08.2008



At Holyoke Center 10am-3pm


Program Description


Go Over and Sign Contracts


Summer Goals

* Learn to build in SL

* Outreach for Educational Portal

* Summer, youth/adult programming at Portal during open hours

* Aid participants during  Library Park community workshops

* Set up a blog and internet presence

* Create a Presentation at end of summer


Week-Long Agenda



* Sizes

* Design while eating snacks




Note card Activity

* One of Hub2’s goals is to recruit young people to the Library Park community workshops.  Workshops begin next week.

Explanation of Library Park Community Workshops

* Each Person gets 20 notecards.  In 15 min. write down as many ideas as you can think of to recruit folks for the workshops next week

* Review as a group.


Field Trip to Honan Library.

* Look at space that is future Library Park

* Casual observation exercise, where, who, when, how, why related to park






Interpreter Contract On Page 2









Summer Interpreter Expectations/Overview

Interpreters are expected to work 20 hours/week

From July 7th 2008 to August 29th 2008



Harvard Educational Portal

175 North Harvard Street

Allston, MA 02134



Tuesday Noon-3pm

Wednesday Noon-6pm

Thursday Noon-8pm

Saturday 1-4pm



Notify Sara List as soon as possible if you are going to be sick or late.  You will be compensated according to the hours worked.  There is no paid sick or vacation time.  You will not be paid for the time you are late to work.  There may be opportunity to make up lost time and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. 


Overall Goal:

To be proficient in designing objects and landscapes using Second Life.  To develop 3-D park models of Library Park (the designated park space behind the Honan-Allston Library) using Second Life.  To enlist community support and involvement in the design process of Library Park and the Education Portal.  






Name ________________________              Date_______________





Signature _____________________                        Date ______________


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