Agenda 7.31.2008



At Ed Portal, 3-8pm


Sheet


Next Week Meetings and Workshops

Workshop with Ed Portal Tutors

Wednesday 8.6.2008, 6-7:30pm


Library Park Meeting



Building Tutorial for Anwar  15min


Go Through Again Library of Primitives  45min.


Building Exercise

Think of some of the repeating themes that have come up so far regarding the park during your interviews and during the community workshops.   Earlier this summer we discussed and observed the way in which people use public spaces.  Think about these two topics in relation to space and community in Second Life.     


With all this in mind pick one object or idea that you think will serve the best function to the community if build in Library Park.


GOAL:  BUILD object or idea in Second Life and TEST it.

Focus on both visual appearance and function






Supply Needs

Pick presentation date


YouTube Videos

Our first video is excellent and serves as a great educational tool for the public


Today we need to make another video that can serve as an educational tool for the development group and architects as well as community members involved in Library Park


1. View of Entire Park, including camera views, front of library and street views

2. Tour of a workshop design, walking through design and also using camera view to explain all conceptual objects and ideas the community built.

3. Video about 2 -3 min.



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