Agenda 7.23.2008



At Ed Portal 3-6pm


Set-up Farmers Market Table

*We will cancel this if it’s raining

*The Market Manager knows that we will be setting up.  I suggest you set up on the side closest to the Portal.  If you need to consult the manager, he is the young, tall hipster in the first tent wearing tight shorts and has facial hair.

If you all sit at the table please work on the Group Assignment


Group Assignment- due at 6pm

Work together as a group of 3

Create a 20 min. Presentation that could be used to introduce a group of people to Library Park, Second Life and the Hub2 project.

This can include:

Intro Speeches by you

Designing the park in Second Life

Group participation

Group Activities


Anything!  Improve our system


Assume that during your presentation you will have access to anything in the Ed Portal. Such as projector screen, computers, mice, internet etc.


You can record the Presentation on paper, on the computer and/or in Second Life. (but don’t bring the computers outside to the Farmers market)


Objective: We will be doing some of these presentations this summer (in fact we did one this morning!).  After you create a presentation then you all will be able to run some of group presentations.   You will be able to use this Presentation if a small group of people come in during the open hours and want to learn more about our Hub2 project. 



*Note,: these group presentations are different from the community workshops. 

Community Workshops- a random group of people Peter organizes to come in and work together to build a sample Library Park. (such as the workshops last Thursday and Saturday)

Group Presentation- any group of people, small or large, who schedules or comes in randomly to portal and wants to know what Hub2 is and what we do.  




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