Agenda 7.22.2008


Tuesday 7.22.2008

In Ed Portal, 3-6pm


Go over Timesheets



Imagine Community Assignment


*see page 2

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Teach Peter SL

How to move

How to change appearance

How to Fly


Basic Design on Boston Island


Presentation Assignment for Community/Youth Programming

Prepare an hour long presentation/activity that you will lead the group in next week.

Pick a day, Tuesday-Thursday to present.


Pick one topic to focus on:

Public Spaces

Virtual Spaces or Virtual Design

Community Organizing

Architectural Design



Lead the group to build something out of a particular substance.

Present another example of people using a virtual space to build community, and teach us their process.

Find an example on the web of community organizing around building a public space in a different city and present the site and process


Imagine Community Assignment









Assignment: Interview 3 different people from 3 different demographic backgrounds (ie. A teenager, a parent, an elder) in North Allston, asking them “What do you want from the Allston Library Park?”

You may need to explain the Park development project to them.

Use the Back of this paper for more writing room. 


Objective: The learning objective of this exercise to imagine what’s good for the community by listening to others and by distancing yourself from our own desires.


Follow-up:  When you return to the Portal we will share our findings and record them by plotting the community wants onto a google map of the park.



Person 1

Describe who they are:


Answer to the Question:










Person 1

Describe who they are:


Answer to the Question:










Person 1

Describe who they are:


Answer to the Question:







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