Agenda 7.21.2008


Monday 7.21.2008

In Ed Portal 3-6pm


Commit To City Hall Hours    

Monday 9-1

Tuesday 9-1

Friday 9-5

Email Nigel


Working Permits     

Jacky/David have parents sign

Bring to PIC office this Friday


Writing Assignment      

Take 30 min to think and write down thoughts to 3 questions

  1. What Happened During the 2 Workshops?
  2. What Do You Think Worked Well, Why
  3. What Do You Think Did Not Work Well? Why?


Share Answers.  Discussion



Questions 1 and 2 on Blog, Myspace, Facebook

Email question 3 to me, so I can forward your feedback to Hub2 group


Teach Peter SL

(postponed to 7.22.2008)



Add all Flickr pictures to Blog, Facebook, Myspace




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