Agenda 7.16.2008



At Ed Portal, 12pm-6pm


Review Mozart Park Observations

Read Observations

Discuss as Group

Discuss what steps have already been taken by ADG and the Architects


New Ethnographic Observation of your Neighborhood

* Assignment on pages 2-5


Meet The Hub2 Crew!


Mock Workshop Run Through!





Introduction to Ethnographic Observation
Instructions for Observations



Why we are doing this

·      Prepare for data-gathering portion of project

·      Develop skill at observing and noting behaviors


What are we doing?

·      Observing people in public spaces

·      Documenting the site and what people are doing


Where will we do this?

·      In your neighborhoods



What exactly should we do?

·      Situate yourself where you can observe people interacting with each other and the environment. As you observe what’s going on around you, take careful notes to document your observations. Don’t worry about what it all means.

·      Describe the physical setting and draw a map of it.

·      Make a note of what people are doing, what objects they are using or trying to use, or how people are interacting with each other.

·      Make your descriptions as detailed as possible; nothing is too insignificant to note.

·      Be sure to note the time, place, and duration of your observations.

·      Make a note of any difficulties you have conducting fieldwork. Remember that these difficulties are interesting data; they are not your fault.

Observation Notes


Note taker:


Date of observations:







Map of setting































Description of setting:







Notes on what people are doing:






































Difficulties encountered:









Additional notes:

















































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