Agenda 7.15.2008



At Holyoke Center, 10am-5pm


Review/Confirm Workshop Dates/Times


Confirm T-shirt Colors/Sizes


Public Speaking Workshop

We will be interacting with community members at the Portal and during the workshops.  Speaking clearly and being able to articulate yourself is an important skill.  We will do a series of exercises to help improve our public speaking abilities and help us interact positively with adults.


What Makes Good Public Speaking?

Eye contact

Speaking slowly and clearly

Good Posture

Confidence on subject matter


Exercise in Clear Self-Articulation, “My Best Moment Speech”

We will begin with this speech because you already know about the subject matter; You!  Focus Points on Content:

Use concise language

Form a clear claim

Use energetic language


Speech, 2-3 min. long

Come up with a claim (example: I think everyone should vote, The work week should be 4 days long)

Support the claim using personal experience


*Speeches were great.  Here are the claim statements they came up with:

Anwar: Troops Should Come Home Now

David: Global Warming is Real and There Are Ways We Can Prevent It

Jacky: The MBTA Fare Should Be Cheaper


Ethnographic Observation Exercise at Mozart Park

Mozart Park in JP parallels Library Park in size, community involvement during design process, tech center.  However, they used a more typical process.  They have a blog detailing the process that we will look at tomorrow. 

Take 45min., Observe and Record


Questions for Observation On Pages 2-5



Mozart Park Design Research by Observation


Where is Mozart Park?


 What is it named after? 


 Do you think the name suits the space? Why or why not?


 What’s around the Park?


 Who is using the Park at this moment?


Who else may use the park, who isn’t here right now, assuming demographics of the surrounding area? Support your answer with examples


What is in the Park?


What aspects of the Park are people using? Benches?  Pathways? Water features?


Who else may use the park, who isn’t here right now, based on the design features in the park? 


 Do you think the surrounding community had an impact on what was build and how it was build?

Why? What are at least 2 indicators to support your answer?


How long do you think the park has been here?


Do you think the park serves the community well? Why or Why not?


 What age groups do you think use the park?


What age groups of people are using the park right now?


Based on observation, what are some park/public space features/needs/wants that this community could benefit from?  Does this park match any of the features/needs/wants on your list?


Other Observations/Comments/Notes:




demographics |ˌdeməˈgrafiks|

plural noun

statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it : the demographics of book buyers.





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