Complete Curriculum for Summer 2008 Interpreter Program

The Hub2 Youth Curriculum combines theory and practice around civic engagement, public space, community organizing, design, and technology.  Hub2 is currently involved in the design process of Library Park in Allston, Massachusetts, enabling students to actualize the information and skills they learn, as they become contributing members to the community project.

The curriculum is organized into four features, Theory, Skill Building, Praxis, and Reflection.


The first quarter of the program is dedicated to examining “community” in terms of our neighborhoods, public spaces and community spaces.  We explore theory around real spaces and virtual spaces and communities.  Through observations and exercises students think about who does and does not use certain spaces, own certain spaces and benefit from certain spaces.   Part of understanding community is recognizing our roles and contributions.  We ask the students to first look at themselves and then look outside themselves to recognize the larger community they are a part of.  

Skill Building and Tools

Hub2 implements the software Second Life to facilitate a design and organizing process that seeks greater community participation and renders more informed input from the community.  Students learn to navigate through the program and design virtual spaces.  Other technology tools learned include video and audio presentations, movie maker software and blogging. 

Skills in self-articulation complement the technology skill building.  The curriculum includes assignments and presentations strengthening public speaking, professional and workplace behavior and expectations and some conflict resolution skill building.


Students are immediately given the opportunity to both participate in the community building and organizing process, utilizing their new skills and knowledge.  Using the title Interpreters, the students run daily open hours sessions at the Harvard Educational Portal, a public technology center giving presentations about the park and the community design process to Allston residents.  The Hub2 process involves the facilitation of community workshops where residents are invited to navigate through a virtual model of Library Park and build sketches of their ideal design.  The Interpreters play an integral role during the workshops helping participants use the technology to best serve the participants’ goals and needs.


Throughout the summer, the students engage in a reflection process after all workshops and activities through facilitated dialogue and writing assignments.  Writing assignments are posted in the public blog.  They are included in this blog under the parent page Exercises/Assignments/Observations.


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