The First Two Community Workshops

Jacky’s Thoughts

During the workshop, a couple of people living in the Allston area came together to suggest ideas on what they would like to see in Library Park. At the start of the workshop, we gave the people who came here basic instructions and controls for the Second Life program like how to walk and look around so they could start getting a sense of how big the park is and what could how many things that could fit in it. Afterwards, the people were to choose between 5 categories; educational, creative, relaxing, contemplative, and playful; based on what they feel is the most important aspect to the park. With that done, the Allston residents began to throw down ideas on what they want, and Evan began to build an abstract model of whatever they said, giving the people a good idea on what it would actually look like if their ideas were used. With that done, the people were given a chance to comment and vote on whether they like a particular thing or not by placing down different flags; a green one being for, and a red one being against. When everyone finished, the lights lit up, and the workshop was officially over.
I think the building of the abstract models on Second Life worked very well. By doing so, the Allston residents were able to get a good idea of how much space would be used, and how the park would look like as a finished project. I also thought that the flag system was also very successful. It gives the people a chance to say what they want and what they don’t want, as well as an opportunity for them to leave comments to justify their likes and dislikes.

David’s Thoughts

1) Basically during the workshop, people were introduced to the program Second Life to give them a diffferent point of view of the design of the library pakr. First they had to become acaquainted with the movement of avatars in Second Life. These people were given the opportunity to explore Boston Island which was a digital replica of the area of the library park. Then there were discussions about what should be in the park. Based on their choice on the values at were introduced from the start, each group discussed what they would like to see. After much debating about the design, the people were then given the chance to explore the island once again but they now had the ability to place flags that were representations of their opinions on the design they discussed. After this, the workshop was over.
2) I believe that part when people were given the opportunity to go around the island and place flags that represented their opinion was the most beneficial. It gave the Hub2 staff a consensus of what people relaly wanted. The power of democracy over what people liked and what they didnt liked. I believe it helped the people know what they really want and give a better understanding of what will work and what wouldnt.

Anwar’s Comments

What happened throughout the two workshops was pretty intriguing. People were participating and had many comments and thoughts on what they would like for a little community park of theirs. I think by them actually getting hands on with second life their selves it helped a lot. And by them giving off their ideas in what they would like in a community park helps both parts, ours and theirs. 

I think everything worked well because all the visitors left the ed portal with smiles on their faces now knowing that what they said probably has a chance to end up being created. Like for example many people were saying that they wanted a skate park because there is no local skate park around the Allston, Brighton area. And honestly that is beneficial to the local residents because there are a lot of teens that skate board in the Allston, Brighton area.

It’s important to get the residents word in when your creating something because if you don’t get their word in then they’ll feel left out and usually when your doing a big project in a local community you should have them participate in it.


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